1. Application Guideline (Download)

2. Qualifications
Applicants must be Nepali nationals between 17 to 24 years of age as of April 1st, 2024 (i.e. born between April 2nd, 1999 and April 1st, 2007). Applicants must have completed a 12-year regular course of education and have secured 75% marks (CGPA: 3.5) for Natural Sciences and 65% (CGPA: 2.9) for Humanities and Social Sciences in average in SEE and plus two exams.
3. Fields of Study
Humanities and Social Sciences (A):
1. Law, 2. Politics, 3. Pedagogy, 4. Sociology, 5. Literature, 6. History, 7. Japanese language, 8. Others
Humanities and Social Sciences (B):
1. Economics, 2. Business Administration, 3. Others (Accounting, Financial economies, etc.)
Natural Sciences A:
Science (1. Mathematics, 2. Physics, 3. Chemistry), Electric and Electronic Studies (4. Electronics, 5. Electrical Engineering, 6. Information Engineering), Mechanical Studies (7. Mechanical Engineering, 8. Naval Architecture), Civil Engineering and Architecture (9. Civil Engineering, 10. Architecture, 11. Environmental Engineering), Chemical Studies (12. Applied Chemistry, 13. Chemical Engineering, 14. Industrial Chemistry, 15. Textile Engineering) and Other Fields (16. Metallurgical Engineering, 17. Mining Engineering, 18. Maritime Engineering, 19. Biotechnology).
Natural Science B:
Agricultural studies (1. Agriculture, 2. Agricultural Chemistry, 3. Agricultural Engineering, 4. Animal Science, 5. Veterinary Medicine, 6. Forestry, 7. Food Science, 8. Fisheries), Hygienic studies (9. Pharmacy, 10. Hygienic, 11. Nursing), Science (12. Biology).
Natural Science C:
1. Medicine, 2. Dentistry.
4. Terms of Scholarship
Five years (seven years for medical/veterinary) from April 2024 to March 2029, including one-year preparatory education in Japanese language and other subjects. In principle, the selected applicants must be able to leave for and arrive in Japan between 1st and 7th of April, 2024.
5. Language: All classes will be given in Japanese language.
6. Application
  1. Application Form
  2. Recommendation Form
  3. Notarized copies of Academic Records (mark-sheets, certificates)
  4. Notarized copy of citizenship certificate
  • We only accept submissions by email. Please make sure that attachments for the email should be below 10MB, otherwise we cannot receive it.
  • Please use “[MEXT: undergraduate] Surname_Givenname_Middlename” as a title of your submission email.
  • Please make sure to keep the original of your application documents. You will need to submit them after the interview.
※ The other required documents will be collected later.
7. Selection
Qualified applicants must attend the written examinations to be conducted by the Embassy on July 1st, 2023. The subjects are as follows:
Humanities and Social Sciences: English, Mathematics and Japanese
Natural Science A: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Japanese
Natural Science B & C: English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Japanese