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Unit 1: Unit and Measurement

Unit 2: Scalar and Vector Unit

Unit 3: Kinematics

Unit 4: Laws of motion

Unit 5: Work, energy and power

Unit 6: Circular motion

Unit 7: Gravity and Gravitation

Unit 8: Equilibrium

Unit 9: Rotational Dynamics

Unit 10: Elasticity

Unit 11: Simple harmonic motion

Unit 12: Hydrostatics

Unit 13: Surface tension

Unit 14: Fluid Dynamics

Unit 15: Heat and temperature

Unit 16: Thermal expansion

Unit 17: Calorimetry

Unit 18: Change of phase

Unit 19: Gases and gas law

Unit 20: Kinetic theory of gases

Unit 21: Hygrometry

Unit 22: Transfer of heat

Unit 23: First law of thermodynamics

Unit 24: Second law of thermodynamics

Unit 25: Photometry

Unit 26: Reflection of light

Unit 27: Refraction at plane surface

Unit 28: Refraction through prisms

Unit 29: Lenses

Unit 30: Dispersion of light

Unit 31: Optical instruments

Unit 32: Fundamental electrostatic phenomena

Unit 33: Electrostatic force, Field and potential 

Unit 34: Capacitor