ICCR Scholarship FAQs

1. Do I need a passport ?

-Yes, you must have a valid passport, issued by the relevant authorities of your government

2.What if I fail in exam ?
-Your scholarship will be discontinued and you shall have to study as self-financed student. Scholarship will be revived if you clear all your backlog examination papers in time. ICCR also has the right to cancel a scholarship if any student is found indulging in any malpractice/ anti-social/ criminal activities on or off the campus.

3.I want to apply for Ph.D. course. Is an interview required for admission?
-It depends on the concerned University. Some Universities may take an interview before finally selecting the candidate, hence the applicant should be prepared for the same.

4.Can I change my course/university if I am not able to cope up with studies?
-Students are encouraged to complete their course once admitted. In case of any mid-term discontinuation of the course, student will have to reimburse the entire sum spent on him/her by ICCR till the expenditure was incurred on the student by ICCR.

5.Can I apply in any Universities/Institutions in India?
-ICCR scholarships are offered only for studies in the Indian State and Central Universities. ICCR scholarships are not offered for studying in the Private Indian or Deemed Universities. Applicant, therefore are advised to not to apply for any University in India.
ICCR forwards the applications forwarded by Indian Missions to the Central and State Universities of India in various states, list of which is available on the A2A ICCR Scholarship Portal/ in the Application Form. ICCR does not forward applications to any Private and deemed Universities in India.

6.What kind of Visa is required for studying in India?
-The applicants seeking admission in Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses have to apply for “Student Visa”. Those seeking admissions for M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses have to apply for “Research Visa”. Once the applicant’s admission is confirmed, applicant has to apply for right category of visa for the courses mentioned above. In case of incorrect visa endorsed, the applicant may be repatriated to his/her country to seek a correct category of visa.

7.Is ICCR scholarship also available for Medical courses?
-No, ICCR does not offer scholarships for courses for courses in medicine stream.

8.How and when I will know whether my application has been accepted or rejected?
-Once the University ascertains your eligibility and confirms your provisional admission, Indian Mission in your country will receive confirmation.

9.Can I select the University/Institution of my choices?
-Yes, you can apply for three options. However, the admission is subject to meeting the criteria of the concerned university.

10.Can I apply from any other location than my country?
-Since the applications are to be filled online, you can apply on the A2A ICCR Scholarship portal from any other location than your country. However, the online applications will have to be submitted on the said portal only through the Indian Embassy in your country.

11.Which courses are available in ICCR Scholarship?